Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My Little Niece Birthday Party “Cinderella”

Few weeks ago we had a birthday party to our little niece “Mona” She was insisting to have Cinderella as her Birthday Cake and Hell yeah we suffered till she agrees and accept her Birthday cake to be a 3D Cake with Cinderella standing there with her Blue dress and her Tiara.

We were asking her if you are going to wear Cinderella dress, you need a prince and she answers with pride I don’t need a prince to be a princess “GOO GIRL” LOL

We bought the theme accessories from party center (you will find everything you need to host a party of any kind)

I wish Cinderrela Mona a happy Birthday and Thank you Ganati for all the work


Monday, 2 April 2012

Klayya Bakery & Sweets

Klayya  is an Emirati bakery that has an electric touch. Klayya serve Emirati food as local bread: Ragag, Khameer, Mahala and much more. With the bread you can choose different dipping that Emirati use to eat with Bread as Cheese, Debbs, Eggs, Sugar, Honey and Jam. 

Klayya offers different kinds of breakfast as "Ryoog Bar Deira, Ryoog Barr Dubai, Ryoog Yaranna and Ryoog Baitna". As for the appetizers they have Bajela, Dangaw and Lobeya. 

you can check their menu for further information 

We had our breakfast there and ahhhh their eggs with dates is MUST 
" Yummi" I've been craving it since that day. one more thing you HAVE to try their Iced Vimmto its so refreshing "From the first sip you will go back to 1980's".

I Had SO MUCH Fun in Klayya with my sister and A ... 
Visit Klayya and give me your opinion <3 

Ps. The abaya from bedazzled abaya's you can follow them on Twitter 
For more information about Klayya 
Visit their Facebook and twitter
The shop location is in BarshaMall, Dubai, UAE


Sunday, 1 April 2012


Nisantasi  is a quarter of Istanbul which includes the stores of world famous brands and has many popular caf├ęs and restaurants. It is a part of the Sisili district. Nisantasi is a beautiful place that can take you away from the crowed of taksim to the quaitness of nisantasi streets. Where you can spend your money on brands ( if your a lover of Chanel, Tods, Cartier, Parada and more of these branded stores) Nisantansi is the best place to be in.


Dolma Bahja Palace

Hey everyone, my post today will be about Dolma Bahja Palace 

Dolma Bahja is where " Harem Al Sultan" took place in, but in a Studio because they can't film a movie or even to take photos inside the palace. 

In this palace you will find The world's largest Bohemian crystal chandelier in the center hall. The chandelier is a gift from Queen Victoria which has 750 lamps and weighs 4.5 tonnes. 

The palace is so beautiful and breath taking, because you keep on wondering how those people were living and the harem section is a mystery as the lady mentions. Because so many things happened there but not every story have been told. 

I hope one day everyone can go and visit this palace so you can see the life they were living was so luxurious. one other thing, no men are allowed to enter the harem section except Al Sultan.

it took us 15 minutes walk from Taksim