Saturday, 10 March 2012

Yalova & Bursa

Hey readers,

Sorry for not updating the blog for so long, I'm busy with college and we just moved to a new house !! so my life is in a mess right now.. I'm still updating my trip to turkey and to day i will cover two places which are Yalova and Bursa.

If your planning to visit Bursa you must know that you will take a ferry from Istanbul till Bursa and it takes around 35 minutes ( you need to try the fairy's Sahlaaab )

after you arrive to the port , you might visit Yalova and check their Turkish delight factory and then visit the fountains ( the view is a breathtaking).

After visiting Yalova you will head to Bursa and you will take a teleferic till you reach the head of the mountains and then you will enjoy the cold weather and the snow.
plus, you will find a restaurant where you grill your own food yummi and after a long exhausting day.. you must visit the little shop beside the telefreic ( the guy name is Ali) try his tea and sahlab Yummi
and on the end of trip our driver Yousef took us to see the 600 years old tree, it was FREEZING but we had so much FUN ( Hanzada tree :p ) Nafs elli fel mosalsal elli mom kanat tatab3a :p

We had so much fun in Bursa and Yalova and i hope to visit them soon