Saturday, 18 February 2012

Taksim Square

Taksim considered as the heart of modern Istanbul, with the central station of the Istanbul Metro network. In Taksim has a long street "Istklal street" that is full of shops , resturants and coffee shops and you will find everything you may need.
Recomended places to visit in Taksim > The house cafe - Simit Saray- Turkish Natural Soap shop and the owner isan American old lady ( if you want to visit her shop ) you need to take the Tunel to take you to the end of Istklal street. Then take left and walk down in the street and you will find a tiny little shop that sells soaps and bath accesories.
one more thing > you need to try the chestnuts from Taksim Square( Haji Ismaeel) always greets me whenever i pass by him and i only ate once from his Chestnuts :P and in Istklal street you need to try their grilled potato

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hagia Sophia (Ayaa Sofia)

Through our sightseeing in Istanbu, we visited Hagia Sophia (Ayaa Sofia) basically it’s a place that was a church and became a mosque and now it’s a museum.
Hagia Sophia was a church for three times and then became a mosque. The place is so beautiful and you your feeling get mixed up by seeing Allah's name and the drawings of the Church. Also you can see the prophet Mohammed name, Omar and Abu baker and so much more… if you’re interested in reading much more about Hagia Sophia Click Here

Ps. Some of the photos are taken with my Nikon D50 and the rest are taken with my sis Iphone

Friday, 3 February 2012

Grand Bazaar

Grand bazaar is a closed place that has small shops that sells variety of things. The Grand bazaar has so many gates that you can enter from and so many shops that you will have no idea where to start from. You can find so many things as Fake bags “that you will not even recognize that they are fake”, cups, plates, paintings, soap, ceramic, shawls, Turkish delights, table cloth , runners, candles, lights, Bags, Cushions, carpets, mirrors, antiques and accessories ( earrings, bracelets, necklace, key chain, rings and so many other things) We had our lunch in a small restaurant that sells local food and the food was Delicious and of course if you are in TURKEY you MUST try their LABAN (Ayraan)
Ps. always bargain with them and always ask for a lower price.


Enjoy the photos

some of the photos are taken by Blackdiamond ( thank you sis )