Sunday, 27 November 2011

Chaber (Farm)

Last friday we went to the farm "Chaber”.. We had so much fun over there... first, we were so scared of the dogs. ba3dain.. 7awalna nasawy 6af to enjoy our time

LOVE YOU ALL e7mm...

i drove all the way to Falaj al Mualla .. Thank you MBR,KBR,Shoshee and blackdiamnds for such a beautiful and crazy time all the way to falaj al mualla and excuse my driving skills which was embarrassing .. Buhahahaha i was a bit excited I can’t blame guys yoom yesr3oon :D It was my first time to drive a VTC w ana msr3a 140 .. raw3a :p

Thank you MBR again w akaramk allah 3al parata hahahhaa

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Last Saturday to Fujairah

A Family Trip to Fujairah and who can go to Fujairah without of visiting Friday Market where you can find so many fruits and vegetables, Carpets, Flowers and so many different things.

Mothers LOVES Friday Market, they start with buying every fruit and vegetable they have there.
Then they start fighting for lower prices " kam a5er.. a5er Kam" till forever non stopping..
BTW, be careful because the guys who work there 7arameya...

They make you pay more than what you have bought. When we reached Fujairah we needed to have lunch and what's better than SUBWAY
(fast, easy and you can choose whatever you want + much Healthier)

We drove into different places in Fujairah and we went to OMAN as well, we went to a small village and no one was there, it has narrow streets, the houses and their doors were so small, it’s like we were living the old days.

After spinning around, we decided to set somewhere in the middle of nowhere to have our tea :D ..Exciting right!

One more thing, if you were coming to Fujairah from Falaj AL mualla side, you need to visit this old Resturant “SALMEEN AL HAFRI RESTURANT”... Never judge a book from its cover hahahahahaha...

I know what’s on your mind right now... NO WAY to buy anything from this restaurant!! But we did, and it’s delicious the Parata bread is YUUMI and the Karak is A MUST :D

We decided to try it, because so many people recommended it… so we did

I enjoyed my time with you mom, 5alteh skyfox and black diamond’s and we missed You Ganati

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Global Village

Global village is a place that everyone keeps on waiting for the whole year.
GV is a place where you can find everything you need and you don’t need :P Actually, so many people go to global village just to eat, eat and eat

(I’m dead serious)
they don’t do any shopping..


One more thing, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to visit India village

“they have the most comfortable and colorful shoes everrr”

I saw my friend and she was carrying the most adorable BAG EVERRRR!! It’s a local business which is called “sogah”...

I’m looking for having my own BAG, because I’m totally in love with it.

If I had the chance to meet with the owner and have more pictures of her bags, I will provide her contact number.




If you’re looking for unique Turkish tea pots, cups, silver trays and containers you will only find the best in Europe village, from the village entrance walk straight all the way to the end and you will find his store on the left. The guy name is Rajab and he is so kind (HELLO Rajab)

Rajab shop in turkey called “ARZU”

Carpet & antiques ( lamps – coppers – gifts)

His store location in turkey

Grand bazaar

Divrikli Sokak No: 15-17

Kapalicrsi – Fatih

Istanbul- Turkey

If you’re planning to visit his store.. mention my name please :D


I saw these beautiful lights and you will find them in the turkey village, they have beautiful patterns and they come in different shapes, colors and sizes.

If your visiting Global village take your mother, sister or any female member :D

Sunday, 13 November 2011


Things I Randomly loved and I’m so desperate to have either the Chanel or the Hermes TRAY (TDF)... Tell me what did you like the most of these random pictures.
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