Tuesday, 25 October 2011


As INDEX (Interior Design Exhibition) took place in Dubai World Trade Center, ana and my sister decided to attend. First, la2annah we LOVVEE interiors w thani shay we are moving to a new house. So we needed to attend to get inspired and to look for new ideas :D First of all, the weather was AMAZING... We had lunch outdoors in Japengo
(my sister was craving Sushi) and i don’t eat Sushi e7m *Blush*

bonna petit Ganati

So let me tell you what happened when we decided to enter INDEX, the lady in the registration told us that we need to Pay 100 each, that was awkward because we used to enter with much less last year. Plus, when I show them my Student ID card, So, I asked if I was student should I pay or not... the lady simply answered me if you filled the form online you will enter without of paying -.-‘HELLO....then why do you need me to pay 100 if I can enter without of PAYING .. I got my blackberry and start to register online and I gave them the bar code and I entered without of PAYING... They always know how local will pay immediatly without of asking why!! I got pissed why they would do that... aaahhh WHATEVER so I end up telling a Saudi family you need to fill the form online (you dont need to pay).

As soon as we entered the exhibition, first thing we saw was an lady who’s selling the most adorable curtains everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... It’s like a simple wedding dress (Elegant and classy) her store is in ITALY and as she says (Now you have an excuse to come to ITALY) *Pokes* my brother.

3gb tameena nemshy and we saw so many things like: lightings/ sofas/ paintings/ curtains/ chairs and so much more... What grabbed my attentions was a French lady who sells wall paintings that are so beautiful and creative you can check her website and you can order online too (
Boisimage). The second thing i had my eyes on was a shop which called (Andrew Martin) its located in DIFC that had so many unique items as chairs with bicycle pedals which i fall in love with.

Plus, their Cushions had so many beatufil patterns and LAST their table lamps are TDF .. I really enjoyed my time in index bass I think last year was much better and had much creative things than this year.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Chocolate cake

Easy cake :D
1 pack ready mix chocholate cake
1/2 pack of Betty crocker Chocolate frosting
Sprinkles and taddaaaaa
enjoy a yummi easy chocolate cake

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Me Blogging

Hey guys

Today i wanted to share with you the blog that made me inspired to have my own blog, its a Kuwaiti based Blog which called Me Blogging which I'm absolute in love with.

what i love about her blog that it covers different areas and its so inspiring.

I wanted to share with you her Blog to get inspired as i did
Me Blogging

thank you Me Blogging for such a beautiful and inspiring Blog

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Brunch @Meera's

Every Tuesday we only have one class which is "Finance" and he always force us to come for two hours ONLY SERIOUSLY "I hate you". Meera decided for this Tuesday to invite us for Brunch in her home.

This was my first Gathering with this Shella ( Meera, Salama , Maryam N, Hessa A and Maha AT) and i really really had LOTS of fun w inshallah we gather again soon.

Ps. Love you guys and akaramch allah ya meera :)

MOE with H&M

On Saturday I went to Mall of the Emirates with M&H . We had lunch in this Moroccan restaurant "Almaz by Momo" which is located near the fashion avenue on top of ARMANI CAFE.

I went there because a girl recommended their pastela which is basically "A thin layer of bread that's filled with Chicken, Cinnamon and Sugar" the combination is weird but Delicious.. its underneath appatizers section but i think aykafi as main dish. As well we had a kofta 6ajin, salad, soup "7reera", Hommos and kebba. the food was good and we ended up drinking a Moroccan tea which is A MUST .. the restaurant is a bit expensive but not that much.

As we are moving into a new house "inshallah soon" we were looking for furniture and accessories for the new house.. I got myself a BED which im absolute inlove with *e7m* im not showing you guys:p its a surprise :D

Last my sister got her self a perfume from Jo Malone.