Monday, 26 December 2011

To Somewhere

Abu Dhabi

I’ve been to Abu Dhabi last Tuesday to spend one night with my sister :D (Loved AD) Ma3any ma sert wayed amakn bass che al jaw 7elw .. We spent the night in Fairmont Bab Al Bahr (what i liked the most is the view of our room) facing sheikh Zayed mosque <333333 We Had dinner @ jhones the grocer (it’s an open cook restaurant and you all need to try it).. Sorry for not giving as much details as am supposed too.. bass im travelling tomorrow and I don’t have time to post it later :D .. Hope you enjoy el pix and leave me any comment if you would like to know any further details .. Luvkm all

Enjoy w have a great holiday

Sunday, 25 December 2011

A Day out with Ganati and F6aim

A Day out with Ganati and F6aim to The Dubai Mall to chill :D .. We had lunch fe Souq Al Bahar in Urbano the weather was AMAZING and then saweena a bit of shopping ( I love H&M) kel yoom 3ndhum shay ydeed :p
w 3gb yalasna fe Fauchon, Fashion Avenue .. I tried their chocolate macaroons kel 7ad aygool yuumi and it was not bad w Ganati had pina colada w kan feha flu ( 5ala9 her voice after she had the cold drink ) LOOOL ..

w 6ab3an Fa6aim the usual ( Turkish ) bel3afya 7uby

Thank you Fa6aim and Ganati for such a lovely time

BBQ @ home with family and friends

Mom w faj2a decided to make a BBQ @ home .. 3azmat our family friends and we had a cozy family BBQ .. thank you everyone for attending in a short notice
since the maids made the La7am and chicken the beaf 6ala3 yabs i dunno why :p w al chicken kan not bad bas yallah yemashy al 7al hahhhahaa
we had the best chaaai 7leeb ever .. kaan al jaw waayed bard maybe 3ashan che kan 6a3ma 7lww ( aydaffii )
thank you mom 3al chai 7leeb
Ps. hal brown cups mal awaaaaaaaaaal i bought them bass 3ashan al BBQ ( 7beetehum)

I LOVE YOU ALL ma3ana kenna nag9en wayed bass inshallah we meet up again soon